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Urgent Replacement of Bridges in Flood-prone Areas, Cambodia

A fast track project, Supply & Installation of CeTeau PVD for Peam Te Bridge in Krati, Kracheh, Cambodia. The biggest challenges we faced were the available time & the local circumstances to install 42,000 meters of PVD for our client Hazama Ando Cooperation, Japan to stay within the project schedule. The ground improvement was realized on both sides of the river using our CTC-19 installation rig to a depth of 10 meters. The results were to the full satisfaction of the client, within the established timeframe and a good showcase of the skills and hands-on experience in our speciality “Vertical Wick Drainage”.

Project Data

Location : Krati, Kracheh
Product : Vertical Wick Drain, CT-D1010
Country : Cambodia
Quantity : 43,191
Client : Hazama Ando Cooperation, Japan
Period : Jan 2019

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