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Pakse Urban Environmental Improvement, Laos

CeTeau Thailand completed a sanitary landfill project, close to Pakse City, Laos, at Ban Yong, Xanasomboun District. The total sanitary landfill area was 13 hectares.  The project aimed at providing the necessary structural works for an environmentally efficient and economic mode of processing, transporting and disposal of solid waste.  Specifically, the infrastructural components included: the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing sanitary landfill, the construction of new cells and, the improvement of the facilities and other structural systems within the landfill. CeTeau finished the landfill project successfully and ahead of schedule!

Project Data

Location : Pakse
Product : Landfill & Geomembrane HDPE
Country : Laos
Quantity :
Client :
Period : 25 Sept 2017 - 24 Sept. 2020

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