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Bio Energy

Organic waste ferments easily, especially in Asia where the temperatures are very suitable for the bacteria to grow. Fermentation of waste produces biogas that can be used for power generation.


The heart of the biogas installation is the digester. The most economic type digester for liquid waste is the so called covered lagoon digester. This is an in-ground pond with a flexible or floating gas tight cover. The organic waste materials are stored inside the covered lagoon and fermentation will take place in the digester. The gasses are collected under the cover and transported via pipes to the gas engine.

"We create quality holding areas of any size with piping systems and associated requirements."


  • Lining, covering and piping for waste ponds.
  • Modification of existing waste ponds into covered lagoon digesters.
  • Design and construction of complete covered lagoon biogas systems.


Our geosynthetic products are excellent for lining and covering. These products have a high tensile strength and are UV resistant, ensuring low maintenance and a long product lifetime.

Each covered lagoon digester has a tailor-made design to fit the available site and type of waste. Our engineers will work out the most suitable layout for each location while environmental engineers will carry out the process design. Specialist equipment such as the scrubber and gas engine are selected in consultation with the customer.

A covered lagoon digester requires a relative small investment. Due to the high output and long technical lifespan a covered lagoon digester is an cost-attractive concept. The fermentation is a stable process, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.


  • Creation of valuable biogas from organic waste.
  • Reduced odor and CO2 emission by making a closed system.
  • Flexible design for any size digester.
  • Possibility to use existing waste ponds.
  • Long product lifetime and low operating cost.
  • Less organic rest waste,
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