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Fully Automatic Vertical Drainage Machines Installing in Weesp

2 fully automatic CeTeau vertical drainage machines are installing CeTeau CT-D1008 drains to a depth of 5.50 meters on extremely soft peaty soil with GPS near the Dutch city Weesp. Weesp is a commuter city close to Amsterdam and the main highway A1 where a new housing project is being developed. GPS is a must have for this project, because the wick drains should not be installed deeper than -6.75 NAP to prevent connection to the peistocene sand. Due to the wight of the working platform, the settlement has already started and the platform has dropped around 10 centimeters per day in some places! The extremely soft layer of peat of 6.00 meters is expected to settle about 2.50 meters.

Project Data

Location : Weesp
Product : Vertical Wick Drain, CT-D1008
Country : The Netherlands
Quantity : 230,000
Client : Martens & Van Oord
Period : 2019

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