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PVD Calculator

The consolidation time in relation with the hydraulic conductivity of the soil will determine the optimum spacing for PVD installation. The typical installation distance between PVD points is 1.0 to 1.5 meter. The installation pattern can be in square or triangular patterns, but triangular patterns are more effective. For a quick calculation of the total length of PVD required, use the CeTeau PVD Calculator.

To easily calculate the total number of PVD points and total quantity of PVD required for different installation patterns, PVD spacing and installation depth, use the PVD calculator below.


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Disclaimer: No rights can be derived from the results of this calculation tool. When developing this tool, all possible care has been taken. Nevertheless, the possibility exists that certain information is not displayed correctly. No adjustments have been made for boundaries of the intended PVD installation area and no losses have been taken into consideration. If in doubt, please contact CeTeau before using the information.