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Optimism and Dedication Lead to Success.

Stephen has been a true example for our team members. Throughout the years he has constantly shown dedication and a positive attitude during the execution of projects that were assigned to him. 

He will be missed by our entire team for his motivational and planning skills and his commitment to all our projects. A good team player who has always given a helping hand, taking on challenges. 

Stephen joined us in 1993 as a welder. Already in the first 3 months, he was promoted to a supervisor. His first job as a Site Manager was The Kesas Highway on Vacuum Consolidation. From then on, he moved on executing all the major and fast track jobs. Worth a special mention would be Tanjung Bin 1. This job was completed in 101 days installing 23 million linear meters: a big logistical challenge supplying 300,000 meters per day to site by barge. 

Stephen retired as a role model for his team, showing that dedication leads to success. We thank him for the great 26 years as a diligent and trustworthy person. 

We wish him all the best for future endeavours!

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