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Our Hitachi EX1200-6 is installing Wick Drains to a depth of 42 mtr at the new Honk Kong boundary crossing facility. We work for Dragages Bouygues TMCLK JV. Who are tunneling the TUEN MUN-CHEK LAP KOK LINK – NORTHERN CONNECTION SUB-SEA TUNNEL SECTION. The tunnel boring machine is with a diameter of 17,6 mtr. the largest in the world and creates a faster connection between Hong Kong northern islands and the Airport and the new Bridge to Macau.  To ensure stable and settled ground conditions where the TBM (tunnel boring machine) goes up to surface again, Dragages decided to award CeTeau with the complex installation of Wick drains. We need to install these Wick drains to a Depth of -50 meter below platform. The settled sand platform on top is at places 20 meters thick and has resistances up to 300kN. In the clay ground we find pockets with Alluvial ground with resistances up to 400kN. These pockets are current at 35 to 40 meter below platform. An additional challenge is a height restriction of 40 meters because we work directly in front of Hong Kong busy Chep Lak Kok airport landing strips.


สถานที่ : Hong Kong
ผลิตภัณฑ์ : Vertical Wick Drain, model CT-D1015
ประเทศ : Hong Kong
จำนวน : 324.000
ลูกค้า : Dragages - Bouygues
ระยะเวลา : Oct- Nov 2017

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