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Offshore wick drain installation for a new tunnel near Rotterdam

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands currently is the creation of the ‘Blankenburgtunnel’ connection. This is a new Highway west of Rotterdam to ease the burden of the existing ring road around Rotterdam. Rotterdam is divided by the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ channel which is the main waterway to connect the cities enormous harbor infrastructure to the North sea. The tunneling project is done by combination group BAAK (Ballast Nedam and DEME) who awarded CeTeau BV with the installation of Vertical Drainage at the Northern tunnel entrance. The Wick drains need to be installed from a pontoon. For this we use our New Hitachi ZX490 with GPS monitoring and guidance to install CeTeau Vertical Drainage to a depth of -15 meter.


สถานที่ : Nieuwe Waterweg
ผลิตภัณฑ์ : Prefabricated Vertical Drain, model: CT-D1010
ประเทศ : Netherlands
จำนวน : 90.000 meter
ลูกค้า : BAAK
ระยะเวลา : Fase 1: Oktober 2018, Fase 2: Jan-Febr 2019

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