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Vertical drain installation for Dhaka MRT Line-6 completed

CeTeau completed soil improvement for the Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development project in Bangladesh. The works were part of the Dhaka Metro Rail Line-6, which will provide a 20 km Metro Rail system for Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, which is one of the most highly populated and traffic congested cities in the world. The project will reduce traffic congestion and improve air pollution in the Dhaka City and thereby contributing to regional economic development and improvement of urban environment.

Although the Metro Rail system will be elevated, the railway depot at the North side of Dhaka is located on land. Studies showed that the soil was unfit for erecting different structures and required specialized soil improvement first. Both installation of vertical drains, sand columns and Dynamic Compaction are part of the soil improvement scope.

The project is being managed by the Communications Ministry's Dhaka Transport Co-ordination Authority, and a consortium of foreign as well as Bangladeshi firms known as NKDM Association, who is acting as General Consultant. NKDM Association consists of: Nippon Koei Japan, Nippon Koei India, Delhi Metro Rail Corp (India), Mott MacDonald UK, Mott MacDonald India and Development Design Consultants.

CeTeau supplied and installed some 1 million meter of vertical drain for the Japanese Main Contractor Tokyu Construction within a two month period. One 19 meter and one 25 meter PVD installation rig were mobilized from overseas with specialist management and operators to execute the works.

Thanks to good co-operation between the parties and hard working of the team the installation of vertical drain was completed just before starting of the Monsoon season. 

Project data

Location : Dakha, Bangladesh

Client : Tokyu Construction Co. Ltd.

Main Contractor : CeTeau International Limited

Product : Supply and Installation of Prefabricated Vertical Drain

Quantity :

 1 million metres PVD

Period  : 2017