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EPC Contract for Biogas

  • As part of the expansion of Thai Roong Ruang Energy Co. in Saraburi, CeTeau converted an existing liquid sugarcane waste pond into a covered lagoon digester to produce Biogas for power generation. This system makes use of anaerobic bacteria in the waste water that create the Biogas by itself.

    CeTeau undertook the contract as an EPC contractor. The works included the design and installation of a wide range of activities including lining, civil and mechanical works. Specialist subcontractors were used where necessary and a consultant ensured the design and quality met the requirements.

    The existing pond lining was refurbished and HDPE piping were installed in and around the pond to convert the pond into a digester. Next to the digester a mixing chamber and pump room were constructed. The digester was covered with a 2mm thick HDPE sheet of 15,000 m2 (the size of about two football fields). The remainder of the services including pumps, flare tower and scrubber were installed on delivery.

    CeTeau was responsible for monitoring and operating the system for 3 months before handing over to the Client. The digester started to produce Biogas for the gas generator by December 2015.

    For further information on CeTeau Renewable Energy Techniques see http://ceteau.com/biogas.html


Project data

Location : Saraburi, Thailand

Client : Thai Roong Ruang Energy Co., Ltd.

Main Contractor : CeTeau (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Product : Covered Lagoon Digester for Biogas

Size : 15,000 m2

Period  : 2015