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CeTeau completes record breaking project in Malaysia

  • CeTeau has completed a large soil improvement project in Port Dickson, Malaysia where soon construction works for a new power plant of Jimah East Power will start. The original site was a swamp area and the weak subsoil needed to be improved before construction of the power plant could start.

    A sand platform of 54 hectares was reclaimed above the high water level to create a working platform. CeTeau has installed some 13 million meter Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) from this platform. The PVD were installed at a triangular spacing of 1.0m to a depth of 27 meters.

    Now that PVD installation is completed, surcharging will follow to enable the water in the clay to drain out fast to allow construction since the commercial operation of the new power plant is planned for 2018.

    CeTeau had deployed 12 installation rigs to complete this fast track project in a record time of only 2 months.


    Port Dickson, Malaysia

    November, 2015