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The 9th Technical Conference on Geotechnical Engineering

  • The 9th Technical Conference of Master and Doctoral Programs on Geotechnical Engineering
    Date 12-14 Sep 2014 at Fisherman’s Resort, Phetchburi
    Supported by The Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King’s Patronage with Department of Civil Engineering, KMUTT
    Attendees, Master and Doctoral Students: 70 persons and 20 Professor from CU, KU, KMUTT, KMUTL and KMUTNB
    The conference is complemented with a Field Study at MahaSamutr Lagoon, Hua Hin
    Supported by CeTeau (Thailand) Co., Ltd. This project is a excellent showcase being the largest manmade lagoon in Asia.

    Objectives: Graduate students will get a chance to get field experience of geomembrane installation by CeTeau using pioneering concept and state-of-art technology. They will witness geomembrane joining by hot wedge and extrusion welding, including installation against key locks casted in the concrete surrounding walls. Gain full insight in the field integrity evaluation of geomembrane seams using destructive and nondestructive testing.